Discover Britain Quiz


Discover Britain Quiz

What is the Queen's name?
a. Queen Ela I
b. Queen Elizabeth II
c. Queen Margaret IV

Where does the Changing of the Guard take place?
a. Buckingham Palace
b. Downing Street
c. Victoria and Albert Museum

What is a double-decker?
a. A bus
b. A chocolate bar
c. A taxi

What is Harrods?
a. A kiosk
b. A department store
c. A language school

Where can you buy stamps?
a. At the post office
b. At a butchers
c. At the tobacconists

What is 'stonehenge'?
a. an old castle
b. a prehistoric monument
c. a palace.

What is the name of the famous stadium in the north of London?
a. Wembley
b. Westminster
c. Wimbledon

Which band was John Lennon a member of in the 1960s?
a. The Beatles
b. The Police
c. The Rolling Stones

Where is a monster supposed to live?
a. The Lake District
b. Loch Ness
c. River Thames

In Britain, cars are driven on the ______ side of the road.
a. left-hand
b. right-hand
c. wrong-hand

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote lots of ______.
a. detective stories
b. plays
c. poems

Where is Belfast?
a. In Northern Ireland
b. In Scotland
c. In Wales

Chelsea is a popular ______ team.
a. cricket
b. football
c. rugby

Which famous writer was born in Stratford-upon-Avon?
a. Geoffrey Chaucer
b. Agatha Christie
c. William Shakespeare

Which king had 6 wives?
a. Henry IV
b. Henry V
c. Henry VIII

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