Annulation du déplacement à Londres

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Publication : mardi 23 February 2016 12:59
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Cancellation of the trip to London

It was planed that four girls of the “Segpa” class (special needs students) and two teachers would go to London for the project named “Erasmus+”. The project consists in exchanging with several partners and this time, it was in London. In this country, the curriculum was complete:

-         Visiting London.

-         Attending classes and worked together on a newspaper in Meadows school.

-         Attending a golf training session accessible to disabled people.

-         Visiting a job place in which special needs students are integrated.

-         Exchanging with the other teachers about how to motivate ad help special needs to learn.

-         Voting for a logo and a mascots created by the pupils.

-         Communicating and chatting with the other students.


But recently, there were terrible terrorist attacks in France. This awful event is now engraved in the mind of each French person. The students couldn’t leave in the end for security reasons and were so disappointed...desesperate…


Interviews of the girls to come…

Article written in English by Léane Terpereau and Méryl Perrier ( 3°4)